The History of Eras Senior Network

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) of Waukesha County is Incorporated in Wisconsin

RSVP of Waukesha County was launched as a part of the Volunteer Center of Waukesha County in 1977, and incorporated as an independent nonprofit agency in 1982, with the goal of matching the personal interests and skills of older Waukesha County residents with opportunities to serve their community. RSVP as a nationwide program was started in 1969 as one of three Senior Corps programs creating opportunities for friendship, activity, growth and engagement for older Americans.

Interfaith Caregiving Network is Incorporated in Wisconsin
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Established to create a network of faith communities who, by working together, could meet the growing needs of seniors and adults with disabilities in Waukesha County. A steering committee comprised of local clergy and representatives from human service agencies began laying the groundwork for the organization in 1989. Interfaith Senior Programs is part of the Wisconsin Interfaith in Action Network.

RSVP of Waukesha County and Interfaith Caregiving Network to Become Interfaith Senior Programs

The Board of Directors of Interfaith Caregiving Network, Inc. and the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) of Waukesha County, Inc. met to discuss ways in which the two organizations could more effectively serve the community by partnering together. As a result of the dedication of both Boards, the organizations became one, creating administrative efficiencies and allowing more community resources to be directed to programs.


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Interfaith Senior Programs Becomes Eras Senior Network
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The need for a rebranding of Interfaith’s name and look was one of the outcomes of the Strategic Plan process, started in 2014. The new name, Eras Senior Network, represents all of the congregations, corporations, individuals, schools, and community groups that serve as a network of support for the community members that we serve. An era is also defined as a distinctive period in someone’s life – which is a reflection on how our services and programs support and engage seniors in the important eras of their life.


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Eras Senior Network Assumes Operations of Milwaukee County’s Neighborhood Outreach Program
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Serving Milwaukee County seniors ages 60 and above. Services include transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping, seasonal yard cleanup, wellness calls, and more. 13 staff members were hired run the Milwaukee County program – now called Faith in Action, Milwaukee County.


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