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Community Outreach

Eras Senior Network provides community outreach in a variety of ways. Presentations about Eras services and volunteer opportunities are given to local congregations, service clubs, businesses and schools. Eras takes part in several Community Health Fairs each year, offering resources for services and opportunities to engage in the community. Our agency is also present at many Community Fairs throughout the year, offering volunteer opportunities to people of all ages. Experienced volunteers known as Eras Ambassadors provide outreach at area grocery stores to recruit volunteer drivers.

Community Outreach Children

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Senior Sensitivity Training

“Walk a mile in my shoes” is a great way to explain what happens during Eras Senior Sensitivity training. A variety of exercises help individuals understand the challenges that seniors and adults with disabilities face like:

  • Lack of mobility
  • Vision and hearing impairments
  • The effects of diabetes, memory loss and stroke

This training has been conducted for youth and adults alike, offering individuals an opportunity to understand how it feels to need assistance and why we provide services for seniors and adults with disabilities. Oftentimes, the Senior Sensitivity training is conducted as a kick-off to a large group volunteer event such as seasonal yard cleanup which can help the volunteers become more sensitive to the needs of the senior they will be serving.

Senior Sensitivity trainings were conducted at area churches, schools and businesses and was a featured break-out program at the American Society on Aging National Conference in Chicago in 2015. Additionally, Kathy Gale and Public Health intern, Sammi Yolitz, presented about the Senior Sensitivity training on a nationally broadcast webinar through the American Society on Aging. In 2016, our Senior Sensitivity training was a featured break-out program at the North Central National Service Training Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.