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Being a driver means you will be contacted each week by an Eras staff member or a volunteer matcher. The client you serve will be up to you and dependent on your availability. All the ride information and the needs of the client will be given to you upon scheduling.

Healthcare: You will pick up the client at their home, take them to their appointment, and then bring them back to their home. Like all healthcare appointments the time it will take depends on the client, their needs, and what they are going to the doctor for. Some appointments can take less than 10 minutes, some appointments last 1 hour or more. You will be given all the information before committing to help.

Shopping With: You will pick up the client at their home, take them to the grocery store of their choice, then bring them back home. Dependent on the client, you may need to assist them with identifying items, getting items from the shelves, and transporting the items into your vehicle and/or into their home. Most clients are very flexible on the day and/or time so you can take them with you when you do your own grocery shopping, after work, or even on the weekends.

Shopping For: Some of our clients are home and/or wheelchair bound. They need someone to go get their groceries for them. You will go meet the client get their grocery list and method of payment, and do the shopping for them. This service is very flexible. You can fit it into your schedule at any time, before or after work, when you do your own shopping, or even on the weekends.

Other Transportation: Some of our clients need to go to other places to maintain their independence. Some of those places include but are not limited to; Banks, The Hope Center, The DMV, The Social Security Office, to have their taxes done, etc.

Thank you to our sponsor for this program