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Tapestry Benefit Gala Event Recap

A Note from Our Executive Director: Tapestry Benefit Gala Event Recap

At the heart of the Eras Senior Network is our commitment to empower older adults and those who love them. This sentiment shone brightly at our 25th Annual Tapestry Benefit Gala, which took place on April 25, 2024, at Brookfield Conference Center. We welcomed attendees to learn about our work in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties to advance healthy aging.

Throughout the evening, it became clear that the transformative power of volunteerism empowers older adults to lead meaningful lives. Our work at Eras Senior Network is fueled by the dedication of volunteers who selflessly devote their time and energy to provide essential services and combat loneliness and isolation among older adults. The impact of these acts of kindness is immeasurable, nurturing invaluable bonds of human connection.

During the gala, we shared personal stories that underscored the realities older adults and those who love them face as they age. As someone who has experienced the role of caregiver firsthand, I empathize deeply with those navigating similar journeys. Many older adults lack access to essential resources and support, while caregivers often face uncertainty and isolation.

Yet, despite these challenges, our commitment remains. The support we receive from donors and community partners is instrumental in enabling us to meet the evolving needs of our older adult clients. With over 1,000 volunteers providing 34,000+ hours of service annually, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of over 1900 clients in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties.

We are thrilled to share that, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we raised $65,000 during this year's gala. This incredible contribution will enable us to further our mission and expand our reach to serve even more older adults and caregivers in need.

We are committed to advancing our work by deepening our community impact, diversifying our sustainability structure, and fostering strategic partnerships. Our ongoing strategic planning process, grounded in our core values of compassion, integrity, and inclusivity, ensures that every decision we make is aligned with our commitment to those we serve.

As we celebrate the success of our 25th Annual Tapestry Benefit Gala, we are reminded of the importance of unity in creating a brighter future for older adults and caregivers. Together, we can continue to change lives, one act of kindness at a time. Thank you to all who contributed to this remarkable evening. Let us carry this spirit of unity forward as we strive to make a difference in the lives of others.

Darryl Anderson, Executive Director
Eras Senior Network

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