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Purple Tube Project - Menomonee Falls

Eras Senior Network is collaborating with the Menomonee Falls Police Department on the Purple Tube Project to help keep residents living on their own with dementia safe in their homes. Important information regarding the care recipient is documented on a 3-part form and placed in a purple tube in the refrigerator for first responders to access in the event of an emergency. This project is in its first year and is currently offered to residents of Menomonee Falls.


How it Works:

  • The caregiver and care recipient contact Eras Senior Network at (262) 549-3348 to request a 3-part purple tube form and purple tube
  • The caregiver will place one portion of the completed form in the purple tube and will then store the purple tube in the care recipient’s refrigerator
  • The caregiver will give the other two pieces of the form to Eras
  • Eras will share the form with Menomonee Falls Police Department to store in the care recipient’s file.


When will this information be used?

  • If an adult with dementia calls the police and are flagged in the police’s database as a participant of the purple tube project, first responders will know to look in the fridge for their information


Eras Senior Network will call each participant of the Purple Tube Project every six months to remind them and their caregiver to update information on the form.

Questions? Please call Judith at (262) 522-2411.

Video About Project

The following video shows coverage of a program in Rock County that the Menomonee Falls program is based off of.