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The mission of Eras Senior Network is to engage and support seniors, adults with disabilities, and family caregivers in leading meaningful lives.


Eras Senior Network is THE nonprofit leader in creating communities where seniors and adults with disabilities are fully embraced through collaborative partnerships, coordination of services, and intergenerational volunteer activities.


Respect & Dignity

Demonstrate respect for all faith beliefs. Demonstrate respect for the dignity of all clients who are served through our programs.


Provide accurate, honest, and timely reporting to all funders and to the community.

Intergenerational Connections

Convening multiple generations in service, advocacy, and engagement.


Maintain Confidentiality of information related to clients, volunteers, employees, and donors.

Ethics & Accountability

Provide ethical and accountable Leadership of both the Board of Directors and Staff.

Teamwork & Compassion

Work hard through teamwork to provide compassionate care and a welcoming environment to all those we serve.