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Wellderly Day: Celebrating Healthy Aging and Happiness

Wellderly Day, celebrated annually on the third Monday of March, is a special occasion dedicated to honoring the health and happiness of our senior community members. Wellderly Day, also known as Well-Elderly Day, was conceived by Dr. Dale Anderson in collaboration with Act Happy Day. Dr. Anderson emphasized the health benefits of happiness, humor, and laughter, encouraging individuals to start their days with a hearty laugh in front of the mirror. His philosophy is beautifully encapsulated in his book, "Never Act Your Age," which highlights the profound impact of humor and laughter on overall well-being at any age.

Understanding Healthy Aging

According to the World Health Organization, anyone over 65 is considered elderly, while the United Nations sets the threshold at 60. Healthy Aging, a concept introduced by WHO, focuses on creating elder-centric health systems, developing sustainable care services, creating friendly environments, and improving the assessment of older people's health.

Why Wellderly Day is Important:

Positive Perspective:
Celebrate the present and the years to come, embracing the natural and inevitable process of growing old.

Investing in our Aging Population:
Remind seniors of their continued value and potential contributions to family, community, and society.

Humor and Laughter:
Wellderly Day uses humor and laughter to celebrate a life well-lived, promoting joy and positivity.

This Wellderly Day, let's come together to celebrate the health and happiness of our senior community members. Join in the mirror laughter exercise, engage in physical activities, and adopt healthy nutrition habits. Spread awareness about the positive aspects of aging and the importance of investing in the well-being of our elderly. Embrace Wellderly Day as an opportunity to celebrate a life filled with laughter, wisdom, and fulfillment.

Let’s Observe Wellderly Day, Together!

Mirror Laughter Exercise:
Start your day with a hearty laugh in front of the mirror to promote happiness and physical health.

Physical Activity:
Engage in regular exercise, be it walking, gardening, or dancing, to stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors.

Healthy Nutrition:
Adopt balanced eating habits, plan your meals, and explore new healthy recipes to thrive.