US History Program

This program fosters relationships and communication between high school students and older adults. Students gain a better understanding of our Nation’s history by learning from an older generation who have life experiences and wisdom to share. In turn, the senior volunteers gain a better perspective of the lives, attitudes, and intelligence of teenagers.

Volunteers meet with students in small groups (4-5) and discuss the topics/articles that the students are covering in their U.S. History studies. A volunteer orientation is held at the beginning of the school year and discussion points are given in advance before each session.

Volunteer Quotes:

“What an opportunity to bridge the gap (between generations). The gap is quite big, but hopefully they felt as invigorated as I did. They were a delight and I can hardly wait for the next session.” – Swannie

“I enjoy the opportunities to interact with the students. Selfishly, learning is a two-way street. I know I continue to learn from them. I’m just hopeful they are learning something from me.” –Tom

Recommended for volunteers 55 and older

(Waukesha County only at this time)